Privacy Policy


What is “Personal Information”

Information is regarded as personal when it tells something about a human being who is or can be (uniquely) identified. This definition stems from European law, and is intentionally broad in order to provide a high level of privacy protection.

This means, for example, that not just names and e-mail addresses can be personal information, but also numbers or other identifiers, such as your IP-address, to the extent that they link other information to a specific human being.

Data Collection

We don't collect any personal information about our visitors. This is a first and very important condition to safeguard your privacy. If personal information isn’t collected, it can’t be stolen, demanded, leaked or exposed.

When you visit our website, we do not record your IP address, we do not record the browser.

This zero personal data collection policy protects your privacy, since your IP address, browser, and platform information can be combined with other data to uniquely identify your computer, your location, or you.
Privacy Policy

Thomas Struth
Photographs 1978 – 2010

Edited by
Anette Kruszynski
Tobia Bezzola
James Lingwood

Texts by

Armin Zweite
Anette Kruszynski
James Lingwood
Ruth HaCohen
Yaron Ezrahi
Tobia Bezzola

Book design by

Fernando Gutierrez

282 pages, 280 plates
(130 colour plates)
Size: 28.5 x 30 cm, hardcover

German Edition

ISBN 978-3-8296-0463-5

English Edition:
The Monacelli Press
ISBN 978-1-58093-284-4